My Story. Why watercolour? Why bedding?

TULLIA HOME was founded in 2021 by me - a watercolour artist and designer Maija Eglite but the idea was born much earlier. It is my Mom that tought me the love to art. It is My Husband that believes in me and other companies and customers found my talent valuable.

Watercolour is the most relaxing, intuitive and unpredictable media that I know. Watercolour cannot be totally controlled, you just make your brushstroke and let it do its magic. Feel those butterflies in your stomach when you put the first stroke on a blank sheet of paper and let it flow.

I know how it is to sleep less than you would like. Being a new mom is challenging. To juggle with daily chores, your ambitions and getting enough sleep. The bed is the place where you often fall asleep - literally - fall in bed and just sleep for few hours. And in that moment when you have found that precious time nothing can be more annoying than a poor quality bedding or a rustling pillow. That is why I am here.

This bedding will not disappoint you. It is quiet, it is soft and even more... It will invite you to find more time that you can spend in bed. It will make you feel like on a little vacation every night, because it brings you to the feeling of summertime. It will rejuvenate you for the next day. Just take care of it and TULLIA HOME bedding will last for a long time. I promise.

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